Astrology by Shanna

Welcome to Astrology by Shanna!

I think of astrology as a roadmap for each of our unique life paths we will take in this world.

Astrology combines the science of astronomy with many centuries of observation of traits that manifest themselves when certain planets intersect in our daily living. I believe astrology combines spirituality and intuition while being rooted in the facts of astronomy. Together they are subject to a human interpretation and how each individual reacts to them. You can choose to act upon what you learn or disregard it—your free will has the final impact on the effectiveness of your reading.

This site was created to help you as you discover things about yourself you may not have known and to offer information which highlights potentially positive situations, as well as difficulties you can try to avoid and some tools to help you make the most of the information given. I offer these with my personal intention of helping you to live your best life possible.

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